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                       Jet-Lube yellow grade metalfri antiseize, pipe dopes / lubricants.
                       Therminol heat tranfer fluid 59 & 66
                        Santotrac 50 traction fluid
Prisblad 44 Silicone  RTV sealants,  silicone grease and silicone compound
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Prolube White Oil serie  og Specifikationer
Matrix Foodgrade og Matrix Lowres Greases
Momentive- GE-ProSil- RTV Line
RTV Silicone 1 komponent  sealants , aceotoxy cure & electronic grades.
RTV Silicone 2-komponent
ProSil Silicone compound S-736 & fedter
ProSil Silicone fluids/olier PDMS Siloxaner
ProSil Antifoams / skumdmpere,  silcone emulsioner

  • Synturo Crystal C2  5W30

    API SM/CF, ACEA C2 & A5/B5-04
    Fully synthetic lubricating engine oil, especially developed for the long time protection of the emission system of the modern car and to keep the efficiency of the emission reduction system.


    API SM/CF, ACEA C3, A3/B4-04, MB 229.51 & BMW LL-04
    Fully synthetic lubricating engine oil, especially developed for the long time protection of the emission system of the modern car and to keep the efficiency of the emission reduction system.
    Synturo Diamond 0W40
    VW 505.01 / 502.00
    and 505.00(and Ford WSS-M2C917A)
    ACEA C3, A3/B4-04
    MB 229.51 & BMW LL-04

    Full synthetic engine oil, specially developed to meet the VW 505.01 specification. For all modern gasoline-, LPG- and diesel engines, equipped with DPF and/or SCR, for which an ACEA C3 and SAE 5W40 engine oil is prescribed.



    lagerfres i 12x1 liter og 25 liter dunke
Synturo Diamond 0W40
VW 504.00/507.00 BMW LL'04 MB229.31

Advanced performance fully synthetic LongLife oil, to be used in all modern types of automobile engines.

Ideal optimum energy/emission efficiency and improved environmental protection.

Synturo Diamond 0W40
ACEA A3 / B3 / B4

State of the art, full synthetic engine oil specially developed for the latest, most demanding diesel- and gasoline engines. Universal oil based on the finest high viscosity base oils and the most specialised additives

Synturo Diamond 0W40

Flagship, fully synthetic lubricating engine oil, particularly developped for the most demanding working circumstances.

Especially suitable for use in cold weather areas as well as resistant to high environmental temperature operations.

Synturo Gold 5w40  

Fully synthetic lubricating turbo engine oil for the most demanding working circumstances and during all seasons.

Particularly suitable for use in cold temperature regions.

Synturo 5W50  

Fully synthetic lubricating turbo engine oil for the most demanding working circumstances and during all seasons.

Particularly suitable for use in cold temperature regions.

Fully synthetic, long life, fuel economy engine oil for VW/Audi engines subjected to extended maintenance interval operation, according to "VW Norm 503.00/506.00/506.01".

Synturo Racing 10W60
Latest generation line of synthetic engine lubricants, for practically all passenger cars, gasoline, diesel and LPG fueled and during all seasons and in practically all circumstances.

Excellent anti-wear properties, prevents black sludge and catalyst compatible.

Meeting and exceeding requirements of Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Saab, Volkswagen-Audi,...

SYNTURO RACING SAE 10W60 is the oil for the competition driver.

Ultra 5W30

Fuel economy semi synthetic "low viscosity" engine oil for gasoline, diesel and LPG engines of some latest "high-tech" engines in modern passenger cars.

"Energy conserving API SJ". Particulary recommended for many Ford and a number of Renault and PSA diesel and gasoline engines.

Ultra 5W40

Unique, carefully fine-tuned, fuel economy, "low viscosity" type engine oil for gasoline and diesel fueled cars and light duty vans, this for whole years use.


Futura 10w40  

Excellent, latest state of the art, semi-synthetic blend turbo motor oil!

Reliable, all season lube for the highest possible performance, providing longer life for turbo engines and the benefits of API SL quality.

Approvals MB 229.1, VW 500/505, Saab, Porsche and BMW.

  • REGULAR (monograde)

    Engine lubricant without additives, used in older, highly consuming engines or where non-detergent type motor oil is required. Useable for gasoline and diesel engines.

    multigrade engine oil meeting and exceeding earlier API performance levels  API SE-SF/CC. Replaces  Duckhams 20W50 which has disappeared from the marketi


Marathon 10W40

High quality engine oil blended with synthetic base oil, suitable for virtually all turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, working under severe circumstances including those with high mileages under the bonnet (particularly in those car and light van engines with a mileage above 100.000 km!).

Super C euro
ACEA A3/B3/B4/E3/E5/E7

Latest state of the art mixed fleet multigrade oil, meeting the highest API engine oil standards.

Suitable for "Euro 4 emissions" trucks operating on lowest possible sulphur fuels as well as for many passenger car engines.



Forza 15w40  

  • FORZA 20W50 HC

    API CG-4/SL
    Top tier mixed fleet multigrade oil, complying with current heavy duty diesel lube specifications as well as qualifying for passenger car diesel and gasoline engine applications. Suitable for EURO II diesel engines operating on low sulphur fuels. Extended drain intervals. Excellent anti-wear properties, preventing black-sludge, limiting bore polishing and catalyst compatible.
    Perfo level: MB 228.1, MB 229.1, VW 505.00, VOLVO VDS, MAN 271 and ALLISON C-4.

  • ULTRA + 15W40

    API SL/CF - ACEA A3/B3
    Superior multigrade oil of the highest quality for gasoline engines. Also suitable for virtually all diesel passenger cars.


  • SUPER C Mono

    Universal mono- and multigrade oil meeting the requirements of major engine builders for turbo-charged or naturally aspirated engines. Also suitable for certain(older type) gasoline engines.


  • SUPER HPD 15W40

    API CH-4/CG-4/CF/CE/SJ - ACEA B4/B3/E3
    Super high performance diesel engine oil. Extended oil drain intervals. High diesel performance level, ideal for engines working under severe conditions and subjected to high temperature variations. Superb motor oil for heavy truck engines.
    Approvals: MB 228.3, MAN M 3275, VOLVO VDS-2, KHD, PERKINS, DAF, SCANIA LONG DRAIN.



    ACEA E7 / E5 / E4 - API CF
    Newest highly powered fuel economy heavy duty diesel engine oil, specially developed to meet the most stringent European EURO-4 lubrication requirements. The oil can also be used in the EURO-2 and 3 engines.

  • EURO HPD 10W40

    ACEA E6 - MB 228.5 & 228.51
    UHPD oil based on "low SAPS" technology, meeting the most stringent European diesel engine oil requirements. Euro HPD is specially suited for use in EURO-4 engines in combination with low sulphur diesel fuel.


  • ULTRA HPD 10W40

    Ultra high performance diesel engine oil for super long drain intervals. Classified ACEA E4. Furthermore approved MB 228.5, VOLVO VDS-2, MAN M 3277 and approved SCANIA LDF.


  • SYNTO HPD 5W30

    ACEA E4
    Fully synthetic heavy duty type engine oil for fuel economy and super long drain intervals.

  • DIESELUBE XD (monograde)

    API CE/SF - CCMC D4/G2
    Highly detergent, top quality monograde oil providing longer drain periods, real long life.



  • S-3 Mono

    API CD / SD
    Lubricating oil for all turbo charged and naturally aspirated diesel engines in passenger cars, trucks, busses and machinery, all working under severe circumstances. Also excellent transmission oil for a lot of equipment.

  • S-3 Multi

    API CD / SE
    Universal oil for a mixed fleet of cars.



    SAE 30, 40 and 50 (API TA/TB)
    Basic line general use, non self mixing quality for classic type two stroke engines.

2 Cycle TC W3
Series of high quality self mixing two stroke motor oils, for chain saw engines, snow and water scooters, pumps, mopeds, mowers, outboard engines,...

 2 T Snow
2T Synsnow
top tier, semi-synthetic (SNOW) and fully synthetic diester base type (SYNSNOW), low smoke/low ash, highly performant 2 cycle snowscooter motor oils for "pre-mixed" as well as for injection system use.


Modern, fully synthetic and biodegradable top two cycle engine oil.

Advisable for both airand water cooling, particularly in case of high potential oil spilling risks.


  • MARINE 310/410

    API CD MIL-L-2104C
    Bearing and cylinder oil for trunk piston engines when a gas oil or marine diesel fuel with a high sulphur content is used.

  • MARINE 315/415

    API CD MIL-L-2104C
    Engine oil applicable in modern trunk piston diesel engines working on heavy fuel. In crosshead engines working on gas oil or marine diesel fuel to lubricate the cylinder.

  • MARINE 325/425

    API CD MIL-L-2104C
    Lubricant for trunk piston engines using heavy fuel with a high sulphur content. Cylinder lubricant for crosshead engines running on gas oil and marine diesel fuel with a high sulphur content.

  • MARINE 540/570

    A high alkaline cylinder oil for bigger crosshead diesel engines using heavy fuel with a high sulfur content.

Oldtimer=before 1935 * Classic cars=before 1970.

    15W50 and 20W60

    Multigrade motor oil for "Oldtimer and Classic vehicles, with "low" detergency and excellent anti-wear properties. Reduces oil consumption.

  • MOTOR OIL SAE 30 and SAE 50

    Motor oil without additives for "Oldtimer" vehicles dating before 1935, with low carbon percentage and good detergency and lubrication properties.

  • GEAR OIL SAE 90 and 140

    Gear oil without additives for gearboxes and(straight or wormwheel) axle-drives of "Oldtimer" vehicles dating before 1935 and if prescribed in the gearbox of "Classic" vehicles dating from 1935-70.

  • GEAR OIL EP 90

    Transmission oil with pressure EP properties for gearboxes and (light hypodal, straight and wormwheel) axle-drives of "Classic" vehicles after 1935, also for "Oldtimers".

  • GEAR OIL HP 80/90

    Transmission oil for "Hypod" axle-drives of "Classic" vehicles after 1960.